How to add post views counter to Blogger

How to add post views counter to Blogger
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Thursday, August 20, 2020

How to add post views counter to Blogger

Post View Counter - So many people think can I show my post view to anyone on my blog. So if you want to know how to show your post view on your post then read this full article. There is so much way to show the post viewer on Blogger the most popular way is using a firebase database but there is still so much problem so much people not understand the use of firebase database this why I am showing you how you can install post viewer widget without using any kind of firebase database.

What is post view

Post viewer used to show the post view to the audience. Post viewer is a really great widget for the blog because if your post content is good then you get so much traffic from google now you want to show those views to your all viewer now there is only one way to show this viewer and it is using post viewer.

Why post viewer widget important

There is so much benefit of post viewer counter widget so let me tell you:

  • Live view updates.
  • Show view to anyone of your post.
  • Show your post view instantly.
  • Post look's more good.
  • Many more...
I am telling you around 4 benefits but trust me, dear, there are so many more benefits of this post view counter widget. People add this widget for many reasons but whatever it's one of the best blog widgets ever.

Blog speed problem with this widget

So much people say I face a small problem and it's my blog loading speed is distress 1% on gtmetrix. Now how can you fix this? It's so easy to fix just read this article about how to install lazy load on Blogger.

How to add this widget on the blog

Now I am telling you how you can add this post view counter widget on Blogger. It's so much easy to add this post view counter widget on your blog. Now follow all the steps I am telling you.
  1. Open the Blogger dashboard.
  2. Now goto theme edits HTML.
  3. Now search for <b:if cond='data:top.showAuthor'> tag (you can also add any where you want).
  4. Now add the below code any before </b:if> tag (you can also add anywhere you want).
    <b:if cond='data:view.isPost'><i class='fa fa-eye'/><span id='busuanzi_container_page_pv' style='display:none'><span id='busuanzi_value_page_pv'/> View</span></b:if>
  5. Now search for </body> tag and add the below code after </body> tag.
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    var bszCaller,bszTag;!function(){var c,d,e,a=!1,b=[];ready=function(c){return a||"interactive"===document.readyState||"complete"===document.readyState?{return}),this},d=function(){for(var a=0,c=b.length;c>a;a++)b[a].apply(document);b=[]},e=function(){a||(a=!0,,document.removeEventListener?document.removeEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",e,!1):document.attachEvent&&(document.detachEvent("onreadystatechange",e),,c=null)))},document.addEventListener?document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",e,!1):document.attachEvent&&(document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",function(){/loaded|complete/.test(document.readyState)&&e()}),{try{a||document.documentElement.doScroll("left")}catch(b){return}e()},5)))}(),bszCaller={fetch:function(a,b){var c="BusuanziCallback_"+Math.floor(1099511627776*Math.random());window[c]=this.evalCall(b),a=a.replace("=BusuanziCallback","="+c),scriptTag=document.createElement("SCRIPT"),scriptTag.type="text/javascript",scriptTag.defer=!0,scriptTag.src=a,document.getElementsByTagName("HEAD")[0].appendChild(scriptTag)},evalCall:function(a){return function(b){ready(function(){try{a(b),scriptTag.parentElement.removeChild(scriptTag)}catch(c){bszTag.hides()}})}}},bszCaller.fetch("//",function(a){bszTag.texts(a),bszTag.shows()}),bszTag={bszs:["site_pv","page_pv","site_uv"],texts:function(a){{var c=document.getElementById("busuanzi_value_"+b);c&&(c.innerHTML=a[b])})},hides:function(){{var b=document.getElementById("busuanzi_container_"+a);b&&("none")})},shows:function(){{var b=document.getElementById("busuanzi_container_"+a);b&&("inline")})}};
  6. Now save your theme and enjoy the post view counter widget.

Last of the article

Now you are on the last of the article. In this article, I will try my best to explain to you how to add post views counter on Blogger. Now if you still face any problem then simply comment down below. At last thanks for reading us.
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  1. this is showing same views on all posts

    1. You might be doing some mistake. See this video for more details: