Top 5 free web hosting provider for WordPress

Top 5 free web hosting provider for WordPress
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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Top 5 free web hosting provider for WordPress

Top 5 free web hosting provider for WordPress
Hi, I am sayem miaji in this article I will tell you about the top 5 free web hosting providers for WordPress. Nowadays WordPress is the best platform for making all types of websites. So many people want to test WordPress before buying any hosting but there is know to test WordPress. if you use WordPress from the official website then you don't get the full features. So there is only one way to test WordPress and it's called free web hosting.

Top 5 WordPress free hosting providers

  1. 000Webhost is one of the best free web hosting provider. 000Webhost is the world one of the best web hosting providers but if you use the free plan then you get some limited feature.
  2. x10hosting is the best to make dummy blog on WordPress if don't publish your blog or website on google then you get better performance on this free hosting.
  3. Freehostia is not a bad hosting provider but same time you get uptime issues but it's a free hosting so it's not a problem.
  4. AwardSpace is the best free web hosting provider to getting the best uptime but still, there is a small problem the speed of this hosting is not so good.
  5. Byethost is one of the best free hosting providers. On this site, you get good load speed and uptime. If you want to create a dummy blog then you can try out Byerhost.

Can you make your main website on free hosting

So many people haven't money to buy a hosting account this why so many people choose free hosting providers. Free hosting is only for the testing site and making dummy sites, it's not for professional site now if you want to create a professional site then you much need paid to host. There is one more way if want to create a blog then simply you can create on google blogger, on the blogger you get world best cloud hosting for free. So at the last, my opinion is don't make your main site on a free host.

Last word

Now you are on the last of this article, so many people host their main site on a free host, in my opinion, don't do this if you need free hosting you can use google blogger it's always best. Now if you like this article then please stay with us.
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